Church In The Wind

No God No Peace, Know God Know Peace.


Sundays Service at 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday Service at 7 p.m.

Thursday Celebrate Recovery at 6pm

Tuesday Ladies Bible study 7pm


Little Scooters: infants - 5 yrs

Children's Class: 1st - 6th grades

Jam: 12 yrs and up


Stinkn' Jesus Freaks

Our mission is to boldly seek out those who are lost and show them that there is hope and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no valley or railroad tracks that we will not cross in search of those who need Christ. The Word is the lamp to our feet and His Spirit is our guide. Just as Jesus came to teach the sinners of the world about righteous living and call them to repentance (Lk 5:32 & Mk 2:17), so do we "Stinkn' Jesus Freaks" go out looking for the lost. We shall travel across the tracks into realm of the sinners in hopes to share with them the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Contact Chris Kretz at 602-295-6546 for more information.  Click the below link to visit the website: